"Based on a true story, Thach's extended narrative poem, composed entirely of rhymed couplets, has a pleasant lilt and an unfaltering rhythm. Thach's text is superimposed on Cutler's sprawling paintings...The author adds dashes of humor to the verse [which] is likely to be tackled over multiple readings. Ages 6-12."

--Publisher's Weekly Select

"This is a sweet story about the perils of life in the ocean when you’re a little seal pup. The story...is gripping and well-told and will enthrall those in kindergarten and the early primary school years. Cutler’s pastels are of very high quality and help tell the story."

--Greg Langley, The Advocate (Baton Rouge)

"This is a big, profound and beautiful book that resonates in the heart and imagination. Like Lewis Carroll or Charles Dickens, James Otis Thach tells a story that is unique and timeless. But it is unmistakably a story of our time. It portrays the fragility of our natural world and the creatures who live there with a deeply felt, poignant and thrilling immediacy."

--Elizabeth Diggs, playwright

"The Seal Pup has everything — it's an underdog story, an adventure, a mother-son love story, a buddy story, it has chase scenes, touching moments, tense edge-of-your-seat moments, it's beautiful enough to be a coffee table book, and it's even educational! The story and the language, the illustrations and the quality of the book itself were all clearly created with caring and love, and that is the feeling that I took away from the whole experience."

--Eric Drachman, author Leo the Lightning Bug & A Frog Thing

"James Otis Thach’s action-packed story in verse of a lost seal pup will keep readers young and old turning its pages to find out what happens next? Both the author and the illustrator (Warren Cutler) are artists in every sense of the word. This coffee table-sized book is beautiful to hold and to behold. A wonderful gift for families to read aloud."

--April Halprin Wayland, author New Year at the Pier, Girl Coming in for a Landing