Writing The Seal Pup was a long and wonderful adventure. I met many wonderful people, read lots of interesting books, and discovered cool websites along the way. This page is full of links to friends, inspirations, and resources. I hope you enjoy them.

The Marine Mammal Center

This group is dedicated to rescuing sick and injured seals and sea lions, and to educating the public about seals and the threats to their environment. They're amazing.


The Cousteau Society

Jacques Cousteau was the father of modern oceanography and ocean conservation. His books, films, and his foundation's ongoing efforts are all inspiring, fascinating and important.


National Geographic

A great resource for all things natural, including ocean life. Not only is their website great, but if you go to your local library, you can read lots of great documentaries by them.


Roots and Shoots

Jane Goodall (if you don't already know) is one of the most amazing naturalists and conservationists of all time. (She's like Jacques Cousteau on land.) She's famous for her work with chimpanzees, but she's explored almost every nook and cranny of the natural world. Like Cousteau, her books and documentaries are amazing. And Roots and Shoots is an organization that lets young people become involved in protecting the environment all around the world.



This is an international group of school kids that oppose the Canadian hunting of harp and hooded seals. If you care about this issue, you can join them.


The Humane Society of America

If you don’t already know about them, the humane society is one of the leaders in trying to protect the welfare of animals, both our homes, and in the wild. They have been leading an effort to help stop the Canadian seal hunt. And they are constantly striving to create a better world for animals and their worlds.


The Sierra Club

One of the largest environmental organizations in the world, they are an incredible force for protecting the natural world. Whether educating people about the environment, leading groups to explore and enjoy the nature around them, or fighting for stronger laws to protect our fragile planet, the Sierra Club is always up to something good.


There are thousands of great books about seals, walruses, sharks, polar bears, and all the creatures that inhabit The Seal Pup. But if you're interested in exploring their worlds, here are a few good books to start with.

The Pinnipeds: Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses by Marianne Riedman

This book is a great introduction to these fantastic sea creatures.

Polar Dance by Thomas Mangelson

This beautiful book of photographs and texts gives you a breathtaking window on all the creatures of the North Pole.

Shark Life: True Stories about Sharks and the Sea by Peter Benchley

If you only know Peter Benchley from "Jaws", then you'll be amazed by this book. He has vast experience exploring (and trying to preserve) our oceans, and this book highlights some of his most fascinating adventures.

The Girl of the Sea of Cortez by Peter Benchley

This is a novel that was inspired by a true story Peter Benchley lived through. It's a beautiful look at the worlds above and below the ocean, and the difficult task of trying to preserve the fragile oceans.

Seals and Sea Lions by David G. Gordon

Another wonderful book, put together by the folks at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.